The Watt Club Medal and Prize

Since The Watt Club was founded in 1854, one of its main aims has been to award and recognise exceptional students at Heriot-Watt. Today, the Club's main awards are:

  • The Watt Club Medal, awarded to final year undergraduates who have achieved the greatest distinction in their course.
  • The Watt Club Postgraduate Medal, awarded to postgraduates who have achieved the greatest distinction in their academic school.
  • The Watt Club Prize, awarded to students who exhibit particular initiative or enterprise.

The Watt Club Medal


In 1891, The Watt Club Medal was created in its current form, that being a silver medal, to be awarded following examination to the best full-time student in engineering related disciplines in Heriot-Watt College. Bronze medals were awarded to the leading students in part-time or evening classes.

On the reconstitution of The Watt Club in 1936, the Silver Medal was limited to full-time students of Mechanical Engineering with a Bronze Medal being awarded to the best part-time or evening student. Over the following years, other disciplines were made eligible for award of the Silver Medal.

The Watt Club Medal was self-funded by the Club through membership fees and any profits from the annual dinner and other fund raising events. By the 1960s, with the increasing demand for Medals from the University, The Watt Club decided it could no longer self-fund medals for all departments and requested the University take over the funding. Naturally, the University was not supportive of this and initially proposed that The Watt Club medals be reduced in status. However, in 1974, agreement was finally reached to keep the Silver Medals as the pre-eminent undergraduate prize in the University, which it remains to this day.

The Watt Club Medal today

The Watt Club Medal is awarded annually to final year students who have achieved the greatest distinction in their undergraduate honours degree course. The Silver Medal, which is cast in sterling silver and bears the bust of James Watt on the obverse and the crest of Heriot-Watt College on the reverse, is therefore the University’s premier award for undergraduate students. Winners are presented with their medals at the University’s Graduation ceremonies.

In exceptional circumstances, the Watt Club Council may decide to award a Watt Club Medal to an individual who has made a substantial contribution over many years to The Watt Club and/or Heriot-Watt University, although such awards are limited to one per academic year.

In 2014, Watt Club Medals were awarded to:

Abigail Claire Spence, BSc Fashion Technology with Diploma in Industrial Training
James Norman Sanderson, MChem in Chemistry with Industrial Experience
Benjamin Michael Kettle, MPhys Computational Physics
Samuel George Little, MEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Distinction
Jessica Louise Rivera Poxon, MEng Chemical Engineering with Energy Engineering
Liam James Smith, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Distinction
Emma Antonia McDougall, BSc Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science
Andrew Neil McKinnon, BSc Computer Science
Zhang Mengxin, BSc Actuarial Science
Gracie Fiona Oury, BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology
Elspeth Christina Hogg, BSc (Hons) Psychology
Callum George Brownstein, BSc (Hons) Sports & Exercise Science
Ghazal Aghdam, MEng Architectural Engineering
Christina Marie Noble, BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
David McGregor Bain, MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Aline Kirkland, BSc (Hons) Urban and Regional Planning with a Sandwich Year
Grant Edouard McEwan, MA Business Management with Marketing
Matti Hermanni Nurila, MA Economics and Finance
Sabah Anwar, MA Accountancy and Business Law
Tereza Mouzouri, MA International Management & Languages
Frances Elizabeth Benson, MA Languages (Interpreting & Translating)

In 2013, Watt Club Medals were awarded to:

Ashley Victoria Emslie, BSc Biological Sciences (Microbiology)
Rachel Hennessey, BSc Psychology (Applied)
Hannah Margaret Lithgow, BSc Sport and Exercise Science
Joshua Stewart McLeod, MA Business Management with Business Law
Douglas Scott, MA Economics
Quentin Mulet-Marquis, MA Accountancy and Finance
Sarah Louise Lockie, MA International Management and Languages
Ruth Hannah McGarvey, MA Languages (Interp & Trans)
Alasdair Muir, MEng Architectural Engineering
Jack Daniel Morgan, MSc Quantity Surveying
Kurtis Wood, MEng Structural Engineering with Architectural Design
Daniel Ross Jamison, BSc Planning and Property Development
Kirsty Martin, BSc Mathematics
Marc Michael Fraser, MSc Computer Science
Liu Yan, BSc Actuarial Science
Riccardo Serreli, MChem in Chemistry
Adam Lancaster, MPhys Engineering Physics
Samia Shahaday, BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Fraser Strachan, MEng Chem Eng with Oil and Gas Technology
Iain McLeod Rourke, MEng Mechanical Engineering
Madeleine Amy Rahbek Gallagher Heginbotham, BSc Combined Studies
Sarah Hill, BA Fashion Design for Industry

In 2012, Watt Club Medals were awarded to:

Christopher Michael McIvor, BSc Biological Sciences
Julie Roxburgh, BSc Psychology with Human Health
Robert McCunn, BSc Sports and Exercise Science
Martin Kenneth Jonsson, MA Management with Marketing
Tsvetina Vasileva Yordanova, MA Economics
Louise Alison Rowe, MA Accountancy and Business Law
Emma Marguerite Whyte, MA International Management and Languages
Marie Emily Jackson, MA Lancuages (Interpreting and Translating)
Stuart Daniel McKellar, MEng Architectural Engineering
Steven Andrew Lloyd, BSc Construction Project Management
Maria Mendoza Puchades, MEng Structural Engineering
Jennifer Wood, BSc Urban and Regional Planning
Kaylea Haynes, BSc Mathematics with Statistics
Aneta Elzbieta Frajczyk, BSc Computer Science
Jonathan Black, BSc Actuarial Science
Kim Johnston, MChem in Chemistry
Andrew Dunn, MPhys Engineering Physics
Puja Talukder, BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Lucy Ojegua Omoregie, MEng Chem Eng with Energy Engineernig
Robert Alexander Lamont, MEng Mechanical Engineering
Alison Jean McDougal, BSc Textiles and Fashion Design Management
Irena Katherine Gordon, BA Combined Studies

The Watt Club Postgraduate Medal

A new award from The Watt Club, The Postgraduate Medal was awarded for the first time in autumn 2012 to the best full-time Masters level postgraduate students in each school. Cast in sterling silver, the medal bears the bust of James Watt on the obverse and the crest of Heriot-Watt University on the reverse. Winners are presented with their medals at the University’s Graduation ceremonies.

2014 winners:

Ann-Christine Willemsen, International Business Management with Marketing
Mark Laird, Petroleum Engineering
Christoph Meyer, Investment Management
Dina Al-Sammarraie, Structural Foundation Engineering
James Porteous, Brewing and Distilling
Jamie Holwill, Information Technology (Software Systems)

2013 winners:
Elisavet Zinonos, Applied Mathematical Sciences
Anna Wendtland, International Marketing
Sawatdiwong Sarisittitham, Petroleum Engineering
Heather Plummer, Civil Engineering with International Studies
Sara Mezher, Structural Foundation Engineering
Kirsty Black, Brewing and Distilling
Chamithri Greru, Fashion and Textiles Management
Sharifa Hawari, Fashion and Textiles Management

2012 winners:
Christos Kastanas, Applied Mathematical Sciences
Marta Orive Camprubí, Brewing and Distilling
Dawid Reckert, Finance and Management

The Watt Club Prize

First awarded in 1991, The Watt Club Prize is intended to recognise wider measures of initiative and enterprise than academic achievement alone. Areas considered include sustained extraordinary effort; the overcoming of adverse personal circumstances or disability; and activities which have yielded particular credit to the University.

The Prize may be awarded to any undergraduate or postgraduate student of the University, regardless of year of study. Nominations are invited each year from members of staff at Heriot-Watt University.

In 2014, the Watt Club Prize was awarded to:

Tasnim Hassan, Business Administration

In 2013, The Watt Club Prize was awarded to:

Catriona Johnson, International Fashion Retailing

In 2012, The Watt Club Prize was awarded to:

Heather Plummer, MEng Civil Engineering with International Studies


Ann-Christine Willemsen International Business Management with Marketing
Mark Laird Petroleum Engineering
Christoph Meyer Investment Management
Dina Al-Sammarraie Structural Foundation Engineering
James Porteous Brewing and Distilling
Jamie Holwill Information Technology (Software Systems)
Elisavet Zinonos Applied Mathematical Sciences
Anna Wendtland International Marketing
Sawatdiwong Sarisittitham Petroleum Engineering
Heather Plummer Civil Engineering with International Studies
Sara Mezher Structural Foundation Engineering
Kirsty Black Brewing and Distilling
Chamithri Greru Fashion and Textiles Management
Sharifa Hawari Fashion and Textiles Management
Christos Kastanas Applied Mathematical Sciences
Marta Orive Camprubí Brewing and Distilling
Dawid Reckert Finance and Management

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