Governance and Council

The Watt Club Council is the governing body of The Watt Club tasked with fulfilling the Club's mission "to enthuse and engage with the University's global community of former students (alumni), current students, friends, staff and other potential supporters to cultivate mutually beneficial, life-long and relevant relationships". 

The Council works with the Development & Alumni Office in developing a programme of relevant and well-supported activities for The Watt Club as well as being a forum through which alumni can influence the University.

The current President and Vice-President are Norman Chipakupaku and Mike Ross respectively. The full list of members can be found here:

Watt Club Council Membership 2016

The Watt Club Council can be contacted at


In 2015, The Watt Club and the University undertook a significant review and update of the Club’s governance to provide a solid framework for the future success of the Club. The core governance documents are given below: 

University Ordinance E3
Watt Club Constitution 
Watt Club Bye-Laws 

Elections and Appointments

Details of current and previous elections and appointments are given in the following pages:

Watt Club Secretary (2016)

President, Vice-President, Ordinary Members of Council Election (2016) 

Graduate Member of University Staff Co-Optee 

Annual General Meetings

The 2017 AGM will be held on Thursday 22nd February 2018. The Agenda for the meeting can be find here.


Minutes of recent AGMs are given below. The original minute book from 1854 is available for reference in the University’s Museum and Archive.
AGM 2015 - Minutes 
AGM 2014 - Minutes