Gareth Henry


Gareth Henry
BSc Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics (2001)


Gareth Henry knows what it takes to be successful in a career in finance, having worked in senior investment roles both in the UK and across the pond in New York for well over a decade. According to Gareth - a Heriot-Watt alumnus who graduated with a 1st class degree in Actuarial Maths in 2001 - a key ingredient to that success is first obtaining a top degree from a good university.


“The course at Heriot-Watt propelled me forward by several years as I was able to complete my actuarial exams two years after university and had a very good understanding of the investment world.”


However, as well as the course the excellent teaching standards and the sound advice that is offered at the University are also extremely important:


“The tutors were also pretty active in helping us think about our careers and what would be a good fit for a student - I always knew investment was the one for me, but being able to discuss these subjects with our tutors was invaluable.”


All of this helps explain why Gareth has now chosen to give back to the University and its current students by establishing the Gareth Henry Access Bursary, providing others with the fantastic opportunities and experiences that he had while studying here. Nor is Gareth support purely financial - he is also offering to share his vast experience in a mentoring capacity for the selected students. By receiving regular coaching/mentoring from Gareth, the selected students should benefit from great career guidance!


Gareth also extols the relevance of the Actuarial Maths offering at Heriot-Watt, particularly for those wishing to work in finance in the future.


“Stochastic processes and some of the more tech and quantitate modelling taught on the course will be very useful in the future.  Understanding technology, machine learning and even AI will become paramount as robo-advisory and quantitative investing grow in demand with investors.”


Given Gareth’s highly successful career, it is little wonder that he advises students to take the courses seriously. However, he also advises balancing this out with a dose of fun and soaking up the cultural opportunities that Edinburgh has to offer…


“Oh - and at least one year you should stay through the summer and enjoy the festival.  You can always do your internships over the other three summers.”


Gareth currently lives in New York, where he has worked in senior roles in investor relations for a number of years. Thanks to his generosity and support through establishing the Gareth Henry Access Bursary, other Heriot-Watt graduates may soon be able to follow in his footsteps by taking a bite of the world of finance in the Big Apple.